At Bardsco we offer a complete line of cable wraps: specializing in high-definition pad printing, custom strap fabrication, Ultra-Sonic welding, industrial sewing, and personal service. Bardsco is a supplier of cable management straps and CORD-LOX® cable ties including: CORD-LOX® Rack-Ups™ and custom fabricated straps for cord-locks, cable ties, velcro straps, hook and loop straps, reusable cable wraps and reusable cord-wraps. CORD-LOX® is the original Velcro® cable wrap, available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors and can be used on virtually any type of cord or cable, from heavy-duty extension cords to fiber-optic and CAT-5 cable, as well as compressor hoses and tubing. Whatever your cable management needs, Bardsco has the products to get your cables organized.
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