"We use the 3/4" grommet as a standard in all of all of our Data Center racks for cable management - we have found the velcro strap to be more efficient with the hardware installers time from both an install and removal standpoint; the flexibility of the velcro also reduces our risk of a service outage during cable removal - the grommet option allows us to leverage the mounting holes and screws that come with the rack and adjust the placement of the velcro in the rack as needed - extremely Data Center friendly device."

-Bill Hodges

Program Director, Data Centers

“We've been using Bardsco to purchase our velcro straps for almost two decades, to wrap all our cables.

As velcro straps go, Cord-Lox are virtually indestructible and last longer than the cables they're wrapped around! They're extremely strong and stay closed until you pull them apart, despite the heavy weight of even 150" RGB snakes.

Their logo design is perfect and doesn't fade and stays legible forever.

All this, and Tom is one of the nicest people you'll ever want to do business with!”

-Jackie F.

Client since 1995