About Us

Bardsco has been the preferred source for CORD LOX® cable ties, Rack-ups cable management, and custom strap solutions for over twenty five years. Our cable management products can be found in the AV Rental, telecommunications, and broadcast industries, just to name a few. Many major hotels utilize CORD-LOX® to manage their engineering and housekeeping operations everyday. The Rack-ups cables ties are a must have solution for Data Centers all over the world. Miles and miles of fiber optic cable are organized and identified with these straps.

If you have a special project or strap requirement, please give us a call. We have supplied hundreds of companies custom strap solutions that incorporate polypropylene webbing, velcro, elastic, grosgrain ribbon and many other woven and unwoven materials. Rivets, grommets, side release buckles, triglides, snap hooks are just a few of the fasteners that these straps are produced with. Medical Oem's have used Bardsco for their CPAP headgears, strap assemblies, arm & leg restraints and die-cut parts. Whether it's a simple cinch strap or a complicated sewn assembly, Bardsco is your source.